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Preterist Websites

Preterist websites are exploding in number. Some are listed below. Many, though not all, are from a full preterist perspective; others are from a partial preterist perspective. We are not endorsing any of these in particular. Indeed, some may be teaching things with which we strongly disagree. There is a lot of room for debate among Christians, but if it is brought to our attention that any of these sites are teaching things that seem particularly egregious and dishonoring to God, we will delete them from the list. But we offer the list here to give the reader an opportunity to see differing views and to do independent research.

Preterist Questions and Answers: (Virgil Vaduva quoted) (Richard Anthony) (Riley O’Brien Powell) (Edward E. Stevens) (David A. Green)  (Cody Miles)

Here are places to go for preterist books and other resources:

These sites are hubs for preterist websites, books, sermons, Facebook pages, and networking:  (Allyn Morton) (Tony Denton)

These sites have very helpful videos of the preterist view: (Ryan McKittrick) (Don Preston) (Paul White Ministries) (Kelly Nelson Birks) (Rob Pike) (Lynn Hiles)

Misc. Preterist Websites: (the apologetics site of the author, Charles S. Meek) (Adam Maarschalk) (Luke Wilson) (Ryan McKittrick) (William Bell) (William Bell) (Gary DeMar) (Tony Everett Denton) (Berean Bible Church, David Curtis) (Ken Davies) (Don K. Preston) (Don K. Preston) (Don K. Preston) (Don Preston) (Michael Alan Nichols) (Gary Parrish, Michael Day, Terry Kashian, David Warren) (Jessie Mills) (Blue Point Bible Church) (Shawn McCraney) (Charles Coty) Coty) (Spring and Case Church of Christ) (John Scargy) (Kelly Birks) (Hank Hanegraaff) (Ward Fenley) (Allyn Morton) (Brian Martin) (Allyn Morton)  (Tim Liwanag) (Mike Sullivan with various contributors David Green, Ed Hassertt, Don Preston, William Bell) (Prabhu Das) (John Hardgrave) (Jim Reeves, The Bible Blog) (Keith Giles) (Kenneth Gentry) (Daniel Rogers) (Frank Speer) (R. C. Sproul)  (Lloyd Dale/Olive Tree Ministries) (Lynn Schuldt) (Richard P. Joseph) (Lift Church, Alan Bondar pastor) (New Covenant Eyes Church, Alan Bondar)  (Ward Fenley, Brian Maxwell, Shannon Shogren) (Greg Simon, New Earth Christian Studies) (Virgil Vaduva) (Douglas Wilkinson) (J. P. Maxwell)    (Frank Beffert) (Edward E. Stevens, International Preterist Association) (David McConnell) (Edward E. Stevens) (Todd Dennis) (Kurt Simmons)  (John Noe) (Jonathan Welton) (Dan Dery) (Simeon Edigbe) (Travis Finley)  (Daniel Morais) (Alexander Gibb) (Alexander Gibb) (Steve Gregg) (Steve Gregg) (Terry Cropper) (T.K. Burk) (Mike Sullivan) (Mesa Biblical Church) (J. D. King)

Facebook Pages: (Charles Meek)—

Evangelical Preterism (Charles Meek,—

All Prophecy Fulfilled (Ryan McKittrick)–

Covenant Talk (Tony Denton/Terry Cropper)—

Eschatological Escapades (Daniel Colon)–

Eschatology Forum (Robert Summers,—

Fulfilled Communications Group (Brian Martin)—

Fulfilled Eschatology (Allyn Morton)—

Full Preterism (Mike Sullivan)

PretCosmos (David A. Green)

Don Preston—

Preterism: Past in Fullfillment (Prabhu K. Das)–

Preterist Archive (Todd Dennis)—

Preterist Churches (Cindye Coates)–

Preterist Forum for the New Comer (Rodney Alexander, Gerrie van Wyk, Robin L. Elliot)—

Preterist Now (David Pease)–

Preterist Theological Society (Joseph Vincent)—

Preterist Voice Announcement Center—

Rethinking Eschatology (Jason Watt)–