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Introduction to Biblical Prophecy

Beware. This site may be challenging to some Christians who have blindly accepted what you have been taught about Bible prophecy without checking it against God’s Word. Remember: We are instructed to search the Scriptures to find out whether the things … Continue reading

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Articles on Eschatology

Many of the articles below are summaries from my book CHRISTIAN HOPE THROUGH FULFILLED PROPHECY (Available at Also notice the Index of Topics shown on the upper right hand part of this page (if on a desktop) or go … Continue reading

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Twenty Prophecy Questions for Christians

A dramatic upheaval is beginning to boil in the church about ESCHATOLOGY, that is, the study of the “last things” or “end times.” After years of skeptical study, I became persuaded that Jesus was telling the truth when He said … Continue reading

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More Prophecy Questions for Christians

Don’t just let your eyes glaze over with these questions. This is a serious study of Scripture and Christians must come to grips with the implications of this material. Note that the questions are organized by topic. Here are the topics: … Continue reading

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Prophecy Questions Specifically for Dispensationalists

Dispensationalism is an offshoot of premillennialism that is relatively new among eschatological theories. John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) is usually credited with its invention, or at least its popularization. Its teachings include: (1) At the Second Coming, Christ will establish a … Continue reading

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Preterist Websites

Preterist websites are exploding in number. Some are listed below. Many, though not all, are from a full preterist perspective; others are from a partial preterist perspective. We are not endorsing any of these in particular. Indeed, some may be teaching … Continue reading

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Endnotes 1-137 (Christian Hope)

Below are the endnotes for my book Christian Hope through Fulfilled Prophecy: Is Your Church Teaching Error about the Last Days and Second Coming? An Exposition of Evangelical Preterism. (Available at 1. 2. The war is sometimes referred to as … Continue reading

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Endnotes 138-274 (Christian Hope)

138. Partial preterist/postmillennialist Gary DeMar said, emphasizing his postmillennialism: “The only signs that are yet to be fulfilled are the discipleship of the nations and Jesus putting all His enemies under His feet.” See DeMar, Gary, End Times Fiction: A Biblical Consideration of the … Continue reading

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